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Normally, Cerberus is tiny, and looks like a stuffed animal.  He doesn't have much power in that form, but he is certainly cute!  He often talks about having a much cooler "true" form, but no-one ever saw it.  Until now!  When Sakura catches the Firey card, Cerberus transforms into his true form for the first time, and everyone is mightly impressed.  He grows to a huge size with feathery wings, and armor!  Wow.  Kero-chan wasn't kidding about his true form being really cool.  Now that Cerberus can transform, he has use of his full power, which is also pretty amazing.  Cerberus couldn't transform into his true form, or use his full power unless Sakura had the Firey.  Now that she has it, Cerberus can transform at will.  He still spends most of his time in his smaller, less impressive form; only for convenience, of course!