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Chiharu Mihara**Mihara Chiharu**

Chiharu is one of Sakura's friends.  She goes to the same school and is in the same class.  Her birthday is May 28th and her blood type is O.  Chiharu's eyes and hair are a beautiful burgundy brown color.  ^_^  She's so adorable!!!!!!

Chiharu is in the cheerleading club with Sakura and Naoko.  She also has a boyfriend, Yamazaki-kun!  Chiharu is a very sweet girl, but she also has a little bit of spunk.  (She needs this to deal with Yamazaki!  He is always trying to trick her with great big fibs.  ^_^)

Chiharu Mihara Bio Information!
Birthday May 28th
Blood type O
Favorite Subject Japanese/Crafts
Worst Subject Math
Club Cheerleading
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Flower Freesia
Favorite Food Rice Omelet/Ice Cream
Worst Food Green Peppers
Best Cooking Curry Rice
Wants Most Now Ribbons