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"Hence the beginning of Sakura the Card Captor"

This is the first battle costume that we see Sakura wearing in the manga!  She wore this outfit when she caught the JUMP card. [You can see JUMP in the background of this picture!]  Sakura used WINDY to catch JUMP.  Unfortunately, Tomoyo didn't make a matching outfit for Kero-chan this time. (sad, sad...)

Kero-chan check!!
The cape is really nice on this costume.  Don't you just admire how detailed this outfit is?  Tomoyo even put cute matching tassels on Sakura's shoes!  And that giant bow! (kawaii!!)WINDY!

This is the next costume that we see Sakura wear in battle with a CLOW CARD!  When she wore this outfit, Sakura was trying to catch FLY.  She tried to use WINDY again, but it didn't work! FLY escaped!!

Kero-chan check!!
The flower motif of this costume suits Sakura well.  Again, notice the detail:  Tomoyo unifies this outfit by also adding flowers to the shoes, gloves and hat.  The giant bow in the back is also nice!  Tomoyo thinks giant bows look cute on Sakura!! Well, they do look cute!!

Tomoyo is obviously pleased with the results of her work!  Sakura-chan looks beautiful!

This is the second outfit Sakura wore in her attempt to catch FLY.  After talking with Kero-chan, Sakura decided to try to use WOOD to catch FLY.  She had a dream in which she found that FLY was hurt, and that was why it was so upset.  WOOD didn't work either, but JUMP did! JUMP!

Kero-chan check!!
Tomoyo experimented with a dramatically new style for this costume! The fabric is unusual, but again, Tomoyo's choice for motif was inspired!  The headband is the most impressive part of the costume, outfitted with wings perfectly suited to Sakura's attempt to catch FLY.

Cardcaptor cell phone! I want one!!

This is the next battle costume that Sakura wears.  After saving Chiharu from drowning in the school pool, Sakura almost drowns mysteriously herself!  Luckily, she wasn't too far from the edge, and Tomoyo was able to pull her out! This was the work of WATERY!  Sakura and Kero-chan have a plan, and they use Tomoyo's pink cardcaptor phones to arrange the details! Sakura uses FLY and WINDY to lure WATERY into the freezer where she is able to catch it!

Kero-chan check!!
This jester outfit is so adorable!! Tomoyo really outdid herself this time!! Nice points of this costume are the curled shoes with the little balls on the end, and that cute hat!  The main part of this costume is basically made up of one leotard, but Tomoyo added such a beautiful and festive skirt!  Tomoyo always makes such pretty gloves for all of Sakura's outfits! Look at the arm length gloves on this outfit! Just perfect!

WATERY!There have been spooky sightings in Tomoeda!! Sakura and Kero-chan think it might be the work of a CLOW CARD!  Sakura goes to investigate, using WATERY to create an air bubble so that she can go under water.  But instead of a scary monster, she sees....her mother!?!?
Kero-chan check!!
This is an unusal costume for Tomoyo to have made because of it's simplicity.  It just goes to prove Tomoyo's talent, however, that she could be so proficient in creating both simple and elaborate costumes!  The best feature of this costume is the set of bat like wings attached to the back.  They are arranged in the manner of butterfly wings, and are very beautiful.  The otherwise slim lined outfit helps to accentuate the wings even more!  Also nice are the fingerless gloves and thigh high stockings with matching diamond motif.

Return to thy original form, CLOW CARD!!After being saved from drowning, Sakura wakes up at Yukito's house!  Yukito asks her if what she saw really was her mother, would she try to hurt her? Still unsure if, or what card might be causing the trouble, Sakura goes out to look again.  This is the second battle costume that Sakura wears to capture this unknown card. It is also the last one we see in this volume!  Sakura sees her mother again, but this time, she also sees a pattern...the pattern of the ILLUSION card!  She uses FLY and WATERY to capture the card!

Kero-chan check!!
This is another futuristic looking costume!  Tomoyo's designs are really ahead of their time!!! This bright yellow dress has metal strapped to the shoulders and shoes, and sports a full skirt and a crinoline of white lace!  Notice that the bottom of the gloves, the top of the stockings, and the edge of the crinoline are of the same design!  The neatest feature of this costume has to be the headset!  Tomoyo brought a set for both Sakura and myself so that we can contact each other during the battle!  I must admit, I looked pretty cool in my set! Tomoyo is so nice!!