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Sakura catches the Clow Cards!!

In the second volume, there aren't as many battle costumes.  This time, several cards appeared unexpectedly, and there wasn't time for Sakura to change.  But, Sakura did get to wear a few of Tomoyo's creations and, of course, they were super cute!!

F L Y !The first card Sakura catches in this volume is The Flower!  During a sports day at Return to your original form, Clow Card!Sakura's school, lots and lots of flowers begin falling from the sky!  Sakura and Tomoyo fly above the school to see what is happening.  Sakura is still wearing her gym clothes for this battle. FLower was very sweet and easy to catch.  They called Kero-chan (who was at home playing video games) and he explained that Flower loves parties and happy occasions, and that she was just trying to help.  All Sakura had to do was go and talk to Flower, and everything would be ok.  So after a very pretty dance with Flower, Sakura caught the card!

Kero-chan Check!
Sakura's school has very nice gym outfits.  They look light and comfortable, and even come with matching caps!  Of particular interest are the sporty stripes on the shorts, and the school logo on each sleeve of the shirts.

Return to your original form, Clow Card!Uh-oh...
Sakura didn't get to wear one of Tomoyo's outfits when she caught the second card in this volume, The Sword.  The girls all went to a store looking for gifts, and Rika-chan bought a pretty pin that was made to look like a sword.  Later on, Rika-chan came to Sakura's house unexpectedly...and attacked Sakura! Even though it wasn't a battle costume, her outfit still looked cute on her! Since the card had possessed Rika, Sakura didn't want to attack her, so she just kept trying to get away. This card was difficult to catch, but using Illusion worked by creating an image that only Rika could see.  This distracted her enough so that Sakura could make Rika drop the sword. During all this, another Cardcaptor appeared to challenge Sakura!  Syaoran arrived at the battle just in time to save a shocked Sakura from Rika's sword!  Even though he saved Sakura, Syaoran was going to hurt Rika to get her to drop the sword!  Of course, Sakura wouldn't let him, and thought of a way to catch the card herself.

Kero-chan Check!
Sakura looks cute even in regular clothes! The best part about this outfit is her cute hairstyle, and the way her hair bows match her clothes.

Finally! A battle costume!!! And one of the best ones, too! Luckily, Tomoyo was on hand during this fight, so we have lots and lots of pictures of this outfit to show you! This is the costume that Sakura wore when she caught the Thunder card.  It was a difficult card to capture!  As you can see from the transparent wings on her shoes, Sakura used the Jump card to escape the attacks of Thunder.

Kero-chan Check!
Well, there are so many great points to this costume, it is hard to just pick one or two! The ears and tail are really cute, and the addition of all the little bells was neat too! Tomoyo really did a wonderful job this time!!!

Sakura wore this outfit when she caught the Shadow card!  As you can see, Kero-chan got his own matching outfit!!! He was very pleased about this.  Wow! Isn't it pretty? Tomoyo is so talented!

It was the night before Valentine's Day, and Sakura went out to investigate some odd happenings.  Before long, both she and Tomoyo were attacked!  Sakura used Fly to escape and save Tomoyo!  Then, Shadow caught up with her, but she was able to use Windy to get away.  Syaoran appeared and tried to catch the card for himself, which made Kero-chan very angry! (mad, mad Kero-chan!!)  While everyone was arguing, Shadow got in close and was about to get Sakura!! Syaoran, however, stepped in front of Sakura and took the hit for her!! Then, he drew his sword, and used a thunder attack to push Shadow back.  Sakura didn't want anyone to get hurt, so she ran ahead, determined to catch the card so that nothing else would happen.  Inspired by Syaoran's attack, she used the Thunder card to send light against Shadow.  Then, she used the Sword card, and attacked! It worked and she caught the card!! Kero-chan was very proud of his new Cardcaptor!!!!

Kero-chan Check!
This is a really wonderful costume for many reasons, not the least of which is how adorable I look in my matching outfit!!  It takes a wonderful girl like Tomoyo to appreciate how photogenic I am in costume!

Well, the theme for this outfit is love, as you can see from the heart motif!  I think the headband is my favorite part of this costume, but I also always like it when the gloves and shoes match so well.  This is another forward looking design from Tomoyo, and the pantaloon shorts are so cute! Very nice!!