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Fujitaka & Nadesiko
It just doesn't get any sweeter than this...

This is the sweetest story! Fujitaka is a teacher. He's about 27 years old.  Nadesiko is in high school, and she is about 16. One day, Nadesiko is climbing up a tree to put a baby bird back in it's nest. Since she is so clumsy, she falls out of the tree and lands, not on the ground, but on Fujitaka!!! Fujitaka is not upset at all, and when Nadesiko tries to apologize for crashing into him, he tells her it's ok, and that he just thought she was an angel who fell from heaven.  (He actually said that to her!!!!!!!) So, that is how Sakura's parents fell in love. Literally. ^_^

But, not everything for them was that easy. Nadesiko was the only daughter of a big bad businessman, and her family was totally set against her marrying a lowly teacher, not to mention the problem of the huge age difference. They get married anyway, but things are hard. Nadesiko works as a model for extra money and they have a tiny apartment. This doesn't bother them though because they are just so happy to be together! They walk to school together hand in hand, and Fujitaka makes Nadesiko's lunch everyday. (Did I mention that Fujitaka is the PERFECT guy?) Eventually Nadesiko graduates and Fujitaka gets a better job.  They have Touya and then later Sakura, and continue to have several more years of blissful existence.  Then, one day, Nadesiko becomes gravely ill, and she dies. It's so unfair! But Fujitaka made a promise to Nadesiko to not cry. He still wears his wedding ring and puts out a new picture of his wife every single morning.

Unfortunately, Nadesiko's family has never really forgiven Fujitaka for marrying Nadesiko so young, and seem to blame him for her early death. This is really sad because Touya and Sakura don't get to see their extended family much. Not to mention that Fujitaka doesn't deserve the scorn. He continues to be the perfect husband to Nadesiko.