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Sakura & Yukito

Sakura's crush on Yukito began when Touya first brought him home from school.  He was cute and sweet, and Sakura was drawn to him.  After that, she was pretty much crazy about him.  ^_^  Touya and Yukito ride to school together, and Sakura always tags along so that she can see him.  She also makes him pancakes from the mix she buys with her own allowance, and gets him special gifts on his birthday and holidays.  She takes every opportunity to see him, and often asks her brother to arrange a meeting for her.  (He makes her take some of his chores as payment for the favor!)  Sakura and Yukito have even gone on a couple of dates!  Well, sort of.  Sakura thinks of them as dates, but Yukito is really just being sweet to her.  Unfortunately for Sakura, this is an unrequited crush.  Yukito has interests elsewhere, and eventually, Sakura gets over him.  Who is her new love interest?