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Sonomi & Nadesiko

Sonomi fell for Nadesiko when they were just kids, much like Tomoyo fell for Sakura.  They were best friends and Sonomi always watched out for Nadesiko.  But Sonomi wished that Nadesiko would love her the same way.  Instead, Nadesiko fell in love with Fujitaka and got married very young.  Part of what was so infuriating for Sonomi was that it was actually a good match, and Nadesiko was happy.  Sonomi really wished she could honestly hate Fujitaka, but she couldn't.  She let her daughter wear her hair long because it reminds her of Nadesiko's hair, and she even rushes home from work to see Sakura (Nadesiko's daughter) whenever she comes over.  Sonomi even keeps Nadesiko's wedding bouquet, perfectly preserved, in a special box.   Nadesiko was the most precious person to Sonomi, and she was heartbroken when Nadesiko died.  Even though Nadesiko is gone, Sonomi will always love her.