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Syaoran & Sakura

can you blame the guy? is she cute or what?!

Well, how could Syaoran help but fall in love with Sakura? She is just so cute! Yes, he was mean to her when they first met. But even the first time Syaoran appeared during a battle to try to win a Clow Card, he saved her. And he keeps saving her, and looking out for her, and helping her every time.  And all the while this silly boy thinks he is in love with Yukito. (Silly, silly boy!) After Sakura has mastered all the Clow Cards, and you would think that Syaoran has no reason to hang around and should go back home, he doesn't. He stays, and ends up helping Sakura with the new trouble...protecting her from Eriol and his minions, and lending her his power when she has to transform the Clow Cards into the Sakura Cards.  Still, the silly boy is confused. Everyone makes a teddy bear for the person they like.  Sakura makes one for Yukito.  Syaoran makes one for Yukito...but...well, now he's just not so sure!  What is going on?  Yue (of all people!) appears before Syaoran and suggests to him that Yukito isn't Syaoran's special person, after all.  He further explains that Syaoran was probably only attracted to Yukito because of his magic power.  Yue tells Syaoran to close his eyes and see who it is that comes to him, and sure enough, he sees a vision of Sakura! (Well, duh, Syaoran!)

Chapter after chapter, Syaoran tries to tell her but always loses his nerve or is interrupted.  Sakura eventually finds out about her brother and Yukito, and slowly begins to realize that while she does love Yukito, maybe it isn't exactly like she thought...and then, finally, Syaoran tells her. Sakura is obviously stunned, even though everyone knows about this except for her. (Well, she is a little naive about these things...)  Tomoyo is very supportive, although this means...well, you know.  Even Touya knows, and is trying to get over the idea of losing his precious little sister's affections.  If grouchy ol' Touya is willing to accept it, nothing can stand in their way!  It is obvious that this pair was destined from the start! They are just so perfect together!  (sigh...)

*Syaoran & Sakura Galleries!*

Silly Syaoran!  (More pics coming soon!)

The many times he saves Sakura, all the while thinking that he doesn't like her...


Silly boy realizes that Sakura is the only girl for him!