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Bandai has released a line of fashion-style dolls for the series. Doll 1 is Sakura in her pink battle outfit, Doll 2 is Sakura in her school uniform, Doll 3 is Tomoyo in her school uniform, Doll 4 is Sakura in her pink and black "cat" battle outfit.

Now there are several new dolls in this line. One of Sakura in her costume from the third opening, as well as two other battle outfits.  For deprived Syaoran fans (that would include me!) there is, in fact, a Syaoran doll!!!!!!!! He looks fabulous. He even comes with his cool magic sword!!! Yaaaaay! He also comes with some other cool stuff. I really love these dolls. ^_^

House of Anime
Anime Palace
Luthien Enterprises
have some or all of these dolls. Typically they cost around $36-but I have seen them for more. The new line of dolls are slightly less expensive, typically they are being offered for $32-$34.

There are extra outfits available for both Sakura and Tomoyo dolls. These dolls are very nice, and come with a few extras (Tomoyo comes with her camcorder and song book, and Sakura comes with her wand and a tiny Kero-chan!) as well as a stand and card.