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Fujitaka!**Kinomoto Fujitaka**

Fujitaka is Sakura and Touya's father.  His birthday is January 3.  He met and married his wife Nadesiko when he was 27, and she was 16.  He loves his family very much, and takes excellent care of them.  Nadesiko died when Sakura was three, but Fujitaka never remarried.  He puts out a new picture of his wife every morning.

Fujitaka is an archeology professor at a nearby university, and he is very busy.  Even though he doesn't have much time, he is a very involved parent and is very close to both of his children.  He likes to cook for them, and he can do all sorts of other domestic chores, like sewing.  He is very intelligent, and was said to be good in sports when he was in school.  He is kind and considerate, as well as generous and loving.  Your basic all around perfect guy.

At first, Fujitaka may seem to have little involvement in the story of Sakura and the Clow Cards, but he actually has a very important role, and in a way, is more involved than anyone expected....

Fujitaka Kinomoto Bio Information!
Birthday January 3rd
Occupation College Professor
Favorite Food Sweets/Noodles
Worst Food None
Likes Best Video Games
Favorite Color White/Ivory/Brown
Favorite Flower Pinks/Peach Blossoms/Cherry Blossoms
Cooking Specialties Cakes and Sweets
Special Talent Remembering people's names and faces
Hobby Cooking
Wants Most Nothing Special