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(Guardian Beast of the Clow)

Kero-chan's real name is Cerberus, and he is the seal beast of the Clow! This is his smaller form.  He represents the sun! Sakura has to have certain cards in order for Kero-chan to have enough power to transform into his true form.  Once she has all the cards, he ususally stays in his smaller form for convenience unless they are in a battle.

He asks that Sakura be given the title of Cardcaptor, and helps her to find and capture the Clow Cards.  He is kind of like her teacher and helper. Kero-chan encourages Sakura to develop her magical power while teaching her how to use the cards.

Kero-chan is quite a character! He is super cute, very sweet, and funny, but also slightly full of himself. (Personally, I think he has a right to be impressed with himself!) He also speaks with an Osaka accent, he says because the book was there for a while, he picked it up.  He loves to eat (mostly sweets!), sleep, and play video games.  He also greatly enjoys seeing himself on film, and getting to wear costumes and collars that match the outfits that Tomoyo makes for Sakura.

He loves Sakura very much and is always on hand to do what he can to help and protect her.  He even worries about her and tries to take care of her when she needs him.  I think he lost his heart to pretty Sakura right away.  In addition to being very protective of Sakura, is he also extremely loyal to her.  He is indignant when anyone suggests that Sakura isn't the rightful Cardcaptor or that she can't do a good job.  (He's so cute when he's mad!!)

While he is mainly attached to Sakura, he is also very fond of Tomoyo and Sakura's family (even though Touya is always giving him wierd looks...).  He likes Yukito pretty well, but isn't fond of Syaoran at the beginning, although later he softens up a bit.

Cerberus Bio Information!
Nickname Kero-chan
Birthday Secret
Favorite Food Sweets
Worst Food Hot and Spicy
Favorite Hobby Videogames
Favorite Colors Red/Orange
Favorite TV Show Quiz Shows
Favorite Flower Sunflower
Wants Most Now New Video Game
Hangout Sakura's Room
Real Shape Unknown (can't return yet)