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Below are some of my favorite Cardcaptor Sakura links!

Cute and Sweet!
A shrine to Sakura and Syaoran!

Go here to download fan subbed Sakura episodes and other goodies!!

Release! A Cardcaptor Sakura Site
Pretty! Music, pics, story & more!

Hitoshi Doi's Cardcaptor Sakura Site
Info, info, info...

Rabi's Cardcaptor Sakura Page
Really detailed info & translations/summaries

Ann's Cardcaptor Sakura Page
Fan fiction, translations & more!

Touya & Yukito Fanclub!
The name says it all!!!

Cardcaptor Sakura
Images & music

Sakura Gardens
General info site

Dedication...  *new*
A Tomoyo Shrine!

Heavenly Fairy  *new*
A very cute Sakura page!