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**Li Meiling**

"Meiling is a cousin of Li Syaoran.  She loves Li Syaoran very much..."

Meiling is a character original to the anime.  She doesn't appear in the manga, but she is still super cute!!

Li Meiling is Syaoran's cousin from Hong Kong.  At first she seems like quite a brat, but later it turns out that she is really a nice girl.  Meiling came from Hong Kong to help Syaoran capture the Clow Cards so that he could hurry up and go back home.  She has a huge crush on Syaoran, and claims to be his fiancee.

She is also very competitive, and appears to be jealous of Sakura.  Meiling isn't really able to help Syaoran very much because she doesn't have any magical power.  (Kero-chan says that  this is very unusual in the Li family.)  Meiling does have excellent martial arts abilities, however.  She seems to get on Syaoran's nerves a lot, but he obviously cares a great deal about her, and is always concerned for her safety.

Even though Meiling doesn't appear to like her very much, Sakura still tries to be nice to her.  Kero-chan, on the other hand, doesn't much like Meiling at all and calls her "the girl."