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Nadesiko!!**Kinomoto Nadesiko**

Nadesiko is Sakura and Touya's mother.  Her birthday is May 20th.  She was named after a very pretty flower, and she named both her children after flowers! Sakura blossoms were her favorite, and she had them as her wedding bouquet.  Her best friend was her cousin Sonomi.

She was married to Fujitaka for many years, but died young from an illness.  She married Fujitaka when she was 16.  During junior high & high school, she worked as a model.  (She is very beautiful!)  She was also pretty clutzy, and fell down a lot!

Nadesiko loves her family very much, and after she died, she would come back as an angel to check on them often and be sure they were ok.  She was especially concerned about Sakura, who was only three years old.  She continues to watch over them, and helps out where she can.  Her husband and her children remain devoted to her.

Nadesiko Gallery!

Nadesiko Kinomoto Bio Information
Birthday May 20th
Occupation Model
Favorite Foods Sweets/Tea
Worst Foods None
Likes Best Warm Sun
Favorite Color White
Favorite Flower Wysteria/Peach Blossoms/Cherry Blossoms
Cooking Specialty None
Weak Point Remembering people's names and faces
Hobby taking naps
Special Skill Can fall alseep anywhere