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**Akizuki Nakuru**

Nakuru Akizuki just transfered to the high school.  She is outgoing, bouncy, hyper, and almost overpowering.  Still, she is  very cute.  She has taken quite a liking to Touya, and glomps on him at every opportunity.  She also gives Yukito suspicious, knowing looks to which he only smiles sweetly.  (It doesn't even seem to bother him that she hangs all over Touya!) For himself, Touya is not really all that pleased by her attention, but he stops short of actually being rude to her.  Maybe that's because she is nice to Sakura, and thinks she is very cute! ^_^ Or maybe it's just because Touya is really a nice guy. He should watch out, though, because Nakuru is determined to have him!

She is obviously a social kind of girl, but she doesn't seem to have many other freinds.  She has been seen in the company of Eriol, as well as a small, cat-like creature...