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Rika Sasaki**Sasaki Rika**

Rika is one of Sakura's friends.  Rika goes to the same school as Sakura and is in the same class.  Her birthday is June 24th, and her blood type is A.

Rika is the same age as Sakura and her friends, but everyone agrees that she is very mature and grown up for her years.  She is quiet and sweet.  She spends a lot of her time helping the teacher, Mr. Terada.  ^_^

Rika Sasaki Bio Information!
Birthday June 24th
Blood Type A
Favorite Subject Gym
Worst Subject None
Club None
Favorite Color White
Favorite Flower Margaret
Favorite Food Muffin
Worst Food Fermented Soy Beans
Best Cooking Lunch Box Dishes
Wants Most New Clothes