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S A K U R A**Kinomoto Sakura**

(Cherry Blossom)

"...she begins her journey in search of the Cards..."

Sakura is the only daughter of Fujitaka Kinomoto and Nadesiko Kinomoto.  She is ten years old, and her birthday is April 1st. Her blood type is A.  Sakura was named after the cherry blossom, because that was her mother's favorite flower.  Nadesiko always said that if she ever had a daughter, she would name her Sakura.

She has an older brother named Touya, who goes to the high school right next to her school.  Sakura goes to Tomoeda Elementary School.  She is in the cheer leading club with Chiharu and Naoko. Sakura's best friend is the beautiful, and slightly silly, Tomoyo Daidouji.  Sakura has a huge secret crush on Touya's friend, Yukito.

Sakura is good at making pancakes and is very energetic and athletic. She loves her roller blades, and uses them as her primary means of transportation.  She is a kind hearted girl, sweet and giving to everyone. She is afraid of ghosts.  Sakura often uses the word "Hoe!" to describe how she feels in almost every conceivable situation.  This word seems to defy translation, and appears to mean different things depending on the circumstance.  But, who cares! She is just so adorable when she says it!

Sakura's mother died when she was only three years old.  She loves her mother, even though she doesn't remember her.  Her brother, Touya, always looks after her.  Sakura's father is an archaeology professor at a university, and takes very good care of his family.

One day, Sakura was in her basement in her father's library.  She found an unusual book, and opened it. This woke the seal beast, Cerberus, who found that all the cards were missing from inside the book!  He explained that the book, called The Clow, was special, and held lots of magical cards made by Clow Reed, Cerberus' former master. Cerberus explained to Sakura that she had to catch all the cards, otherwise, something terrible might happen!  He gave her the key to the book, which could also be used to seal the cards. Although she thinks all of this is a little strange, Sakura agrees, and comes to love Cerberus very much.

Sakura Kinomoto Bio Information!
Birthday April 1st
Blood type A
Favorite Subjects Gym/Music
Worst Subject Math
Club Cheerleading
Favorite Colors Pink/White
Favorite Food Rice-omelet/Noodles
Worst Food Konnyaku
Cooking Specialty Pancakes
Wants Most New School Backpack