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Yay! Suppi!

Well, Suppi, oh, excuse me, Spinel, is............just so cute! Waiiiii!

Ok, seriously.  Spinel was created by Eriol.  This is his energy saving form.  He also has a true form, which is much bigger and more impressive.  He corresponds to Cerberus, and his power is of the sun.  In fact, Spinel and Kero-chan are a lot alike in everything but personality.  For as sweet and funny and laid back as Kero-chan is, Spinel is just the opposite.  Basically, he's above it all.  He is grouchy, haughty, unresponsive, and always seems a little bored.  He really only listens to Eriol, and doesn't seem to like anyone else.

There is one person who can get under his skin, however, and that is Nakuru.  She drives him crazy.  And although he would hate to hear this, he is perfectly adorable when he's mad! So cute! It was Nakuru who gave him the nickname Suppi, and he just hates it. Even though Spinel is rather stuck-up, he is very loyal to Eriol.