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"Sakura Kinomoto is a normal 10 year old girl in the fourth grade.
One day, she hears a suspicious sound coming from the basement library and cautiously goes downstairs to investigate.
There, she finds a mysterious prophecy book that emits a scary light..."

Kinomoto Sakura  was a regular 10 year old girl, when she found an unusual book in her father's library.  This book was The Clow!  When Sakura opened it, the guardian of The Clow, Cerberus, appeared!  Quickly, they noticed that the magical cards that Cerberus was supposed to be watching were missing!  Someone was sleeping on the job and let them get away!  Cerberus, (whom Sakura nick-named Kero-chan) told Sakura that she had to help him re-gather all the cards, otherwise, something terrible might happen!  When Sakura was reluctant, Kero-chan explained that Sakura was the only one who could do this because she had enough magical power to open the sealed Clow.  Kero-chan asked that Sakura be allowed to become the Cardcaptor.  She received the key to The Clow, which allows her to seal and use the Clow Cards! This is how the adventures of the Cardcaptor began!

Sakura's best friend is  Daidouji Tomoyo, and she knows the secret about Kero-chan and the Clow Cards!  Tomoyo works hard to make beautiful costumes for Sakura to catch the cards in--Sakura has to look special since she is the world's only Cardcaptor!  Tomoyo goes along with Sakura and Kero-chan when they catch the cards, so that she can film the lovely Sakura in battle!

Soon after Sakura first became the Cardcaptor, Li Syaoran transferred to her school from Hong Kong.  Syaoran also knows about the Clow Cards, and has come from China to try to capture them as well.  Sakura's rival for Clow Cards!!