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The cute little wolf!**Li Syaoran**

(Little Wolf)

Syaoran is from Hong Kong.  He used to live with his mother, but he moved to Tomoeda after sensing the location of the Clow Cards and the Cardcaptor.  He has come to catch all the cards for himself and take them back to Hong Kong for safekeeping.

His birthday is July 13, and his bloodtype is O.  He has four older sisters. He is the same age as Sakura and goes to the same school.

Syaoran's family come from a long line of powerful magicians. He is even distantly related to Clow Reed!  He can use several spells, and he has this really cool sword which he also uses for magic. He has brought with him a special board that alerts him to the presence of a Clow Card.  He knew all about the Clow Cards long before Sakura, and has been training in magic since his early years. He is a tough kid and he can be very fierce in battle.  He is also an expert at martial arts. All in all he's pretty impressive!

Syaoran isn't exactly very friendly, but he is in Tomoeda on serious business! He eventually opens up to Sakura and they become good friends, but he and Touya don't really get along.  They kind of got off on the wrong foot.  It didn't help that Syaoran had a crush on Yukito, and was mean to Sakura once.  (Hmmm...not exactly the way to get Touya to like you, Syaoran.)

There is also tension between Syaoran and Kero-chan. Kero-chan was indignant that Syaoran was trying to get the cards from Sakura when she is the only Cardcaptor that he, the mighty seal beast, recognizes. Syaoran also makes fun of Kero-chan's small form.  Because of this, Kero-chan has a tendency to bite him...(sigh)  Eventually Kero-chan and Syaoran make peace, but not until Syaoran has proven himself loyal to Sakura.

Even though he can be rather grouchy, Syaoran is a really nice guy.  He is strong, powerful, intelligent, and caring. (Not to mention how cute he is, especially when he's embarrassed!) He always looks out for those smaller or weaker than himself, and he is especially protective of girls.  One girl in particular...

Li Syaoran Bio Information!
Birthday July 13th
Blood Type O
Favorite Subject Gym/Math
Worst Subject Japanese
Club None
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Flower Peony
Favorite Food Tenshin/Dessert Chocolate
Worst Food Konyaku Jelly
Cooking Specialty None
Wants Most Clow's Book of Magic