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aahhh....pretty, pretty Tomoyo!**Daidouji Tomoyo**

(Friend for Life)

"Tomoyo Daidouji is a very close friend of Sakura.  And only she knows the secret, for being a Cardcaptor."

Tomoyo is Sakura's best friend, and she loves Sakura very, very much.  She is also 10 years old and goes to school with Sakura.  Her birthday is September 3, and her blood type is A.

Tomoyo lives in a huge mansion with her mother, Sonomi.

Tomoyo is a very polite, very sweet girl.  She enjoys making costumes for Sakura to wear and filming her all the time. Tomoyo also has a beautiful voice and sings in a club at school.  She can be slightly over the top at times (only where Sakura is concerned), but otherwise she is practically perfect in every way.

[No, I am not biased at all!]

Tomoyo always comes with Sakura to film her capturing the Clow Cards whenever possible.  She is often able to help Sakura and Kero-chan with her level head and sharp mind. She also usually has interesting gadgets like cell phones and other communication devices that she gets from her mother's company.  When Tomoyo goes out at night, she is accompanied by a troop of female body guards. Kero-chan believes that only Tomoyo is able to fully appreciate him and treat him right, because she always makes such yummy sweets and cakes, and loves to film him too.

Tomoyo Daidouji Bio Information!
Birthday September 3rd
Blood type A
Favorite Subjects Music/Japanese
Worst Subject None
Club Singing Club
Favorite Colors Beige/White
Favorite Flowers Magnolia/Cherry Blossom
Favorite Foods Buckwheat Noodles/Sushi
Worst Food  Green peppers
Cooking Specialty Italian dishes
Wants Most New Video editing equipment