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Tomoyo's Love Story
Part 1

The Long Awaited

"Good morning, Tomoyo-chan!"

Tomoyo smiled a beautiful smile to Rika-chan and said hello.  Still smiling, she made her way to her seat, and turned to the sullen boy sitting one desk behind her on the left. The seat behind Sakura's.

"Good morning, Li-kun!"

Startled, Syaoran looked up to see Tomoyo smiling down at him.

"Uh..good morning, Tomoyo."  He was a little confused. Tomoyo was almost always polite and composed, but today she seemed downright thrilled. He hadn't seen her really happy since Sakura left almost a year ago.  Her father had the chance to do on site work and since the assignment was long term, Kinomoto-san had taken Sakura with him.

Without any prelude, Tomoyo leaned toward him and gave him a very knowing look.

"She's coming back today."

Syaoran felt a rush of adrenaline.  He was about to sputter a response when he realized that Tomoyo was no longer looking at him. She was staring fixedly at the classroom door, where Sakura, taller and even more beautiful than he had ever seen her, was standing. Although he could only see Tomoyo in profile, there was something  plain on her face that he had never noticed before.


Sakura ran over to Tomoyo and hugged the stuffing out of her.  Adoration filled Tomoyo's face as she smiled a welcome to her very best friend.

Standing in the doorway to the classroom she hadn't seen in almost a year, Sakura was overwhelmed with the welcome from her classmates. Naoko-chan, Rika-chan, Chiharu-chan, and others all approached her with excitement and compliments.  Although she loved her friends, she paid them little attention as she scanned the room looking for two faces much loved and much missed.


Sakura broke from the little crowd at the door and ran to her best friend.  She felt tears in her eyes as she hugged Tomoyo, and wasn't really surprised to see that Tomoyo was crying too.


Sakura turned to Syaoran to tell him how glad she was to see him again, but suddenly she was uncomfortable. She was really glad to see him again, but something was different...

"I'm so sorry I couldn't come and see you last night when we got in!" Sakura said to Tomoyo when they settled down.

"That's all right, Sakura-chan." Tomoyo just smiled. "You must tell me all about it after class!"


Tomoyo knew that there wasn't much more for Sakura to tell her that she hadn't already read in the treasured letters she had received while Sakura was gone.  She didn't care. Tomoyo imagined  that she could probably spend many happy hours listening to Sakura recite the telephone book.

Throughout class, it was hard for her to believe that Sakura was actually there with her again. Tomoyo was excitedly making plans all through class. They exchanged smiles and silent giggles until they broke for lunch.

Syaoran was stunned. His stomach was in knots and he was pretty sure that his face was red. He couldn't believe it. Sakura was back!  He was completely overwhelmed.  He had not realized how much Sakura affected him until she was there with him again.  Somehow, he just hadn't realized how strongly he felt about Sakura until she was gone.  How had he not seen it before? And then there was that knowing look Tomoyo had given him...did she know? Had she known all this time? He felt sick again.

Unexpectedly, Sakura turned around in her seat and smiled at Syaoran.

"Good morning, Syaoran-kun!"

She's so beautiful...
Suddenly Syaoran was taken back over seven years to the time when he and Sakura were rivals for the Clow Cards. That was so long ago but he could still remember it clearly.  She still looked the same... she kept her auburn hair short and it still fell all over her face.  Her eyes were the same unbelievable green they had always been.  But now he finally understood how he fell in love with her back then and why he could never deny her anything she wanted. Even the Clow Cards he had been sent to Tokyo to retrieve. By staying in Tokyo all this time he was blatantly defying his family and he didn't give a damn. He realized he would probably never go back home. There was just nothing there for him anymore.

Sakura was beginning to feel uncomfortable under Syaoran's stare.  She had decided not to let her initial discomfort keep her from talking to him, but here it was again. His deep brown eyes were fixed on her. He had seemed frozen when she said hello to him, and he continued to study her with that unreadable look she had come to know so well.

"Uh..hello, Sakura," he finally spat out.  He frowned. "Welcome back." Sakura noticed the pink in his cheeks and then finally saw what it was that  was different about him. All of a sudden it hit her how cute Syaoran was! Had he always been that cute? She herself turned a little pink. Thankfully, Sensei began class.

Tomoyo smiled silently to herself.

"It is so nice to be home Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura said as they walked outside for lunch. "I mean, it was really cool to get to go with my father, but I missed it so much here!"

"Everyone missed you, Sakura-chan."

Sakura smiled a little self-consciously.

"It made me so mad that Onii-chan got to stay here by himself and I didn't...."

They noticed a group of girls near a tree, some from their class, and some Sakura didn't know.

"What's going on over there?"

Tomoyo didn't reply as they stood there watching. Soon, they saw Syaoran work himself from the group and walk away from them as fast as he could. He stopped and scanned the crowd, as if he were looking for something...and then his eyes hit Sakura. He twitched involuntarily.  By the time Sakura thought to wave him over, he'd already begun to head in the opposite direction. She felt disappointed... but when he looked at her, she had been practically paralyzed.

"Hoe...I..I didn't realize he was so popular!" Sakura said quietly to Tomoyo.  "Tomoyo-chan...does he seem... different?"

"He doesn't seem any different to me."


'These damn irritating girls!!'  Syaoran thought to himself.  'Why the hell don't they leave me alone!'

Syaoran finally made his way through the same group of silly, giggling girls that bothered him practically everyday.  This attention had started a couple of years ago, but it had gotten so much worse in the last year.  He was completely baffled by it, and was mystified that his friends were jealous of it.

'Baka! They can have it! Girls! Grrr...'

What he wanted was to find Sakura and...there she was. Staring at him. His stomach went into knots again. 'If this goes on, I really am going to be sick,' he thought.  He tried to walk over to her, but he was rooted to the spot. Before he realized it, he found himself almost running away from her.

Tomoyo found him behind one of the buildings sitting under a tree.  He hadn't touched his lunch.

"Are you going to tell her, Li-kun?"


She sat down next to him on the grass.

"Where's Sakura?" He nervously avoided Tomoyo's poignant question. " I thought you were eating lunch with her?"

"We were.  She had to go take care of some things in the office, so we finished early."

"Oh..."  The fear of another awkward encounter with Sakura subsided and Syaoran relaxed.


Tomoyo's face was completely composed.  He sensed the meaning in her question, but was still confused.  How could she have known when even he hadn't? How could she be so direct and still not be uncomfortable?  How could she be asking him if he planned to reveal his feelings to Sakura?  He didn't like feeling so unsure.  He didn't like being at the disadvantage. Before he thought about it, he said, "What about you, Tomoyo-chan? Does she know how you feel?"

He really hadn't meant it as harsh as it came out.

Tomoyo's gaze drifted. After a few moments she looked directly into his face.

"I guess I revealed myself today, didn't I?" she smiled.

Syaoran just looked at the grass.

"No, I haven't told her. I never will.  It's not like that.  I have always known that Sakura will never love me the way I love her.  I don't care. I am happy if Sakura is happy."

Syaoran couldn't help but stare at her.

His question had surprised her a little, but it was very difficult to throw her off. Tomoyo was naturally composed and very reasonable. But then, she had never been confronted with her love for Sakura.  Long, long ago she had resolved the question for herself.  After seeing what Sonomi had gone through because of her jealousy ...she was determined never to hurt Sakura. Tomoyo was more sensible than emotional, and she realized quickly that she must accept that one day Sakura would fall in love with someone else and leave her.  To oppose that would hurt Sakura. It might also come between them. Tomoyo knew she couldn't endure that, and so she would endure everything else.  What she had told Syaoran was true. She never held any secret hopes for a romantic future with Sakura. From the moment they met, Tomoyo knew that would never happen.  She had even surprised herself to find out after a few of Sakura's love interests had come and gone, that it was really true. She only cared that Sakura was happy.

"If, how can you just accept that?"

"I just do," Tomoyo replied.  "But you don't have to."

Sakura walked toward the office with papers for the dean.  As she went through the hall she heard girls gossiping and found herself eavesdropping.

"Oh, he is just so cute!"

"Li-kun? Oh, you are so right!"

'Li-kun?' Sakura thought to herself.

"He's just so...mysterious!"

"And so remote!"

"Yeah, the lone wolf!"

"And his eyes are just..."

Whatever the girl was going to say dissolved into a sigh of some sort...but Sakura didn't need to hear it. She already knew what it was like to stare into his eyes.


"What do you mean?"

"You still love her, don't you? You should tell her."

"Tomoyo...." Syaoran began. He briefly considered denying his feelings, but looked at Tomoyo, and decided that it was useless.  He knew her too well to bother.  "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I want Sakura-chan to be happy."

Now he was really embarrassed. He didn't know how much more of this he could take.

"But she doesn't feel that way about me anymore. Besides, we were just kids...."

"You won't know unless you talk to her. It hasn't changed for you, it may not have for her."

Abruptly, Syaoran snatched his lunch and began to stalk off.


Tomoyo called after him, and he stopped, but didn't turn.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. Just please talk to her, ok?"

Syaoran faced Tomoyo and looked at her quietly. Finally, he nodded his head and turned away.


I do not own any of these characters! Cardcaptor Sakura is not my work! It belongs to CLAMP and I don't have any rights to it.  This is just a little fan story written to amuse myself....^_^