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Tomoyo's Love Story
Part 3

The Rival

"Uh, ok, Kakeru-kun," Sakura said.  Was he flirting with her?  She had never been very quick to notice this kind of thing, but she was definately getting the vibe now.

"Good! I'm glad that we are going to be friends." The boy was lean and blonde with sharp features.  No, not just blonde; his hair was almost white, and he oozed confidence.  He leaned toward her over the desk between them.

The boy was gorgeous, there was no doubt about that, but Sakura was slightly uncomfortable.  She couldn't really feel any kind of bad energy from him....not the kind she was used to, anyway.  And even though Tomoyo was buried in her sketch book waiting for class to start, Sakura could tell that she wasn't all that comfortable either.

"You're in my seat," a dark voice almost snarled.

"Syaoran-kun!" Sakura called.  "Good Morning!"

"Oh! Li-kun! I didn't realize this was your seat!"  Sakura watched Kakeru stand and move to pass Syaoran in the isle.  Kakeru was really tall, slightly taller than Syaoran even!  Not taller than Onii-chan, though.

Sakura saw a hard look pass between Syaoran and Kakeru.  Was Syaoran angry? Why?

"You aren't in this class."  Syaoran tried to keep his tone civil, but it wasn't really working very well.  From the moment he walked into the room and saw Kakeru sitting in his seat, leering and flirting with Sakura, all he could see was red.

"Naw.  But, I thought I would come in and visit Sakura-san for a few minutes.  I better go. It was nice seeing everyone! Ja!"

Syaoran moved out of Kakeru's way and watched him walk out of the room before he sat down.  He could feel Sakura's eyes on him, and Tomoyo's, but he didn't look up.  He barely heard Tomoyo when she said good morning to him.

"Good Morning, Tomoyo..." his eyes lifted to Sakura, who was staring at him.  "Sakura..."

She smiled at him.  He could feel his face warming and he dropped his head to study his desk.  All through class he tried to get rid of the empty pit in his stomach, with little success.  He couldn't stop seeing Kakeru and Sakura together.  And Kakeru! Syaoran never liked the guy much in the first place, not since he transfered here a few months ago, and he certainly didn't like him any better now. 

Tomoyo wasn't surprised that Sakura was getting attention from guys on her second day back at school, but she just had a feeling...although Kakeru did seem nice enough, and all the girls seemed to like him.  Oh, but it was going to be tough enough to get Syaoran to make a move, how was she going to handle the introduction of a rival into the story? Obviously, something had to be done.

When the teacher dismissed them for lunch, Tomoyo plucked at Syaoran's sleeve.

"Li-kun, would you like to have lunch with us today?"  She saw Syaoran narrow his eyes at her, but they softened even before Sakura spoke up.

"Oh, yes! Please, Syaoran-kun?" Tomoyo felt a slight twinge as she looked at Sakura's face, turned to Syaoran in expectation. But at least she knew that now he wouldn't be able to say no.

Once they were all settled on the grass and about to eat, Tomoyo decided to make her move.

"Oh! I forgot something! Please don't wait on me, I'll be right back."

Syaoran's look was suspicious, but it quickly changed to something resembling panic as she turned to head back to the building.

This is your chance, Li-kun, she thought. Tell her.

Tomoyo could only hope the setting and the timing were right.


I do not own any of these characters! Cardcaptor Sakura is not my work! It belongs to CLAMP and I don't have any rights to it.  This is just a little fan story written to amuse myself....^_^