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Wow! Cute guy!!**Kinomoto Touya**


Touya is Sakura's older brother.  He is 17 years old, and his birthday is February 29.  His blood type is 0.  His best friend is Yukito.  Yukito calls him "To-ya."  He goes to the high school that is right next door to his sister's elementary school, and they normally go to school together. He is very smart, and does well in school.

Touya harasses his little sister, driving her crazy by constantly calling her "monster."  But, in reality, he is extremely fond and protective of Sakura.  In fact, he still rides his bicycle to school even though he has a motorcycle, because Sakura couldn't keep up.  Of course, he would never admit this, even when Yukito teases him about having a sister complex.

Touya, like Sakura, has special magical powers of his own.  He is able to see the spirits of people who have passed on, and has often seen his mother since she died.  He is the only one that can see her, however.  He used to tell Sakura about the people he saw, and he thinks that maybe this is why Sakura is so afraid of ghosts and ghost stories.  She may have been too young to understand.  He is also able to tell when he encounters something that is not human....and is always giving Kero-chan weird looks whenever he is pretending to be a stuffed animal.

Touya Kinomoto Bio Information!
Birthday 29 February
Blood type O
Favorite Subject Chemistry
Worst Subject None
Club Soccer
Favorite Color Blue
Favorite Flower Peach
Favorite Food  Steak
Worst Food Tofu Balls
Cooking Specialties Rice-omelet/Fried Noodles
Wants Most New Sneakers