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Toys & Other Goodies

There are lots of toys that you can buy!! There are magnets, key chains, figures, trading cards, playing cards, stickers, toy telephones, posters, pencil boards, stampers, a set of drinking glasses, and, of course, the Clow Card set! This set comes in a book (just like the Clow!!) along with a mini Clow key key chain, and another deck of cards. This set is to be used for readings, just like Sakura uses them in the manga! The artwork is beautiful! Apparently you can also buy a toy of Sakura's wand!!!  The Sakura Star Wand will be available over here pretty soon! It looks wonderful, and I can't wait to get it!

I just bought a journal that looks exactly like the Sakura Card Book! There is also a neat Kero-chan backpack purse that is becoming easier to get.  Get it if you can, it is super cute!

Sakura's Star Wand is here! For about $50, you get the wand, a Sakura card, a stand and the necklace. The wand lights up and plays a song, and the star spins around.  The stand will hold the card which it will spin if you point the wand at it.  It turns a Clow Card into a Sakura Card!!  You can get it at Anime Palace and Luthien Enterprises.  Be sure you have plenty of batteries on hand...

A new series of trading cards have been released and these cards features all manga art by CLAMP. So far, i have only seen the Clow Card Series and the trading card binder that was put out to go with them. The full set was selling for almost $60, and the binder was about $30.

The Sakura Card Book has been released!  It is an electronic toy that comes with all the Sakura Cards, including the one she made in the last episode!!! It also comes with the Sakura book, which will hold the cards.  When you insert a card into the top of the book one of a few things will happen randomly.  There are two settings, which give you lots of opportunities for fun with the Sakura Cards.  Kero-chan will talk to you if you put a card in and push one of the three buttons.  It lights up and everything!!! Sometimes it even plays a little bit of music from the series.  ^_^ This is definitely worth considering for you CCS toy collection!