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** Recent Updates**

This page usually works in both netscape and explorer.  I don't know why it won't view correctly in netscape right now, but I am working on it.  It was designed to accommodate both 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution, but looks much better in the latter.  The library is maintained by me, Tomoyo.  If you want to know more about me, my personal webpage is here.  I also have a Tomoyo shrine (of course!) and you can find that here.

Gosh!  It's been a while!  I'm so glad to be working on this site again.  Sadly, I almost shut it down because I was so depressed about the state it was in.  That really would have broken my heart because I just love Sakura so much.  Anyway, there is a lot of stuff to be done, and I will be working hard to get the library running smoothly again.  Please bear with me because this is going to take a while.  I am going to be updating bit by bit, because if I waited to post until I was completely finished, I'd probably just get disheartened again.  For now, I changed the layout a bit, and there are a couple of new pictures up for you.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.  I often take requests for section updates, and it really is you all who have kept this site alive.  Thanks so much for your support.  ^_^
I scanned quite a bit of the third art book!  There are new pictures in almost every section.  Just in case you are only interested in seeing the new pictures, here's where to find them:

Valentine theme pics from the new art book are posted on the intro pages to almost all the major sections.  New pics in Story, Info, Characters, and Kero-chan's Corner.  There is also a new picture on the main Characters page.  Be sure to check out the entrance to Yue's character profile to see an awesome new picture of him!
I added or changed images in the Secret Crush section for:
Tomoyo & Sakura
Syaoran & Sakura
Chiharu & Yamazaki
Touya & Yukito
Eriol & Kaho and
Rika & Terada.
There is also a cute new pic for the main Secret Crush page!

And I also changed all the Valentine's Day images.  I hope you like it!  ^_^