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**Tukisiro Yukito**

(Snow Bunny)

Yukito is Touya's best friend.  He is Touya's age, and his birthday is December 25.  His blood type is AB.  He and Touya go to school together.  Touya calls him "Yuki."  He is the only person that calls Yukito that.

Yukito is a nice, sweet guy.  He is very kind to Sakura.  She thinks he looks like her father. (He does, doesn't he?)

He lives with his grandparents, who aren't around very much. He spends a lot of time with Touya at the Kinomoto house.  Yukito is very athletic, and eats a LOT!  But, sometimes he gets really tired for no apparent reason....

Yukito Tukisiro Bio Information!
Birthday 25 December
Blood type AB
Favorite Subject Math
Worst Subject None
Club None
Favorite Color White
Favorite Flower Anemone
Favorite Foods Everything
Worst Food None
Cooking Specialty Curry/Stew
Wants Most New Lunchbox